A glorious fuck-ton of sensual/sexy kissing references (per request).

Just as a tip; notice how the lips either fit one on top of the other (making a zig zag from the side view) or they press against each other to compress the typical lip shape. (Sorry, I tried! This was a bitch to compile; there are no good kissing references out there. I’m still looking. If I find any more, I’ll post ‘em. Fuck; I’m done for the day.)

[NOTICE: The bottom three images are GIFs. Wait for them to load.]

For future reference…





Hand Poses by Melyssah6

I stumbled upon these and love them! If you struggle with hands (like me) these are great for practice and referencing. Thought I’d share my finds with other artists~.


Because I know all of you need this in your life. 


An excellent exercise in character body language/expression. I encourage anyone who has the time to try it! It asks for a lot of figures from you, but nevertheless it’s great practice. 

Link to the original template, and the creator of the meme itself are in description over on dA.


Please keep in mind that I’m not a professional or anything!

I just took some art classes when I was younger, so these are just a few things I remember or have learned since then!

Anyways, this ‘tutorial’ is just something I made very quickly…and I’m not good at explaining or teaching.

So please don’t take this seriously lol 


Okay there is no way I can make this in only few steps so I made

PART 2. HOW I MAKE / SHADE “cartoonish” FUR!

> PART 1. HOW I MAKE/ SHADE “realistic” FUR!
Notice that even if I use Paint Tool SAI, everything I do here, can also be done in any painting / Drawing program just as photoshop, GIMP, painter, Paint shop pro etc.

Also I am not going to tell you how to color Black and white images.
Click here if you want to know how that is done.



PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE - and if you don’t know how the fur works I recommend you use magical tool known as “google”.
Google it. “fur” “animal fur” “dogs” “cats” “horses” “monkeys” - they all have different kind of fur. I know you can do it if you just put your mind in to it and have fun.


A mouth-watering fuck-ton of hand references.

[From various sources]




Some awesome clothing I came across

oh dear god

They remind me a bit of Hetalia.. 

(Source: milaciray)




Thank you, Tumblr.

For some reason, Google was being difficult with me when I wanted to look up 1960’s/1970’s fashion for a drawing reference. It kept sending back a lot of Halloween costume references, instead of actual photos of clothing from the period. Thankfully, Tumblr has a lot of various clothing references archived just for this purpose.

(Source: the-point-of-sanity)




This is a theater stage for a play

no thats a boss battle

idk if someone added it already, but that is the stage of the Bregenzer Festspiele in Austria. Here are some more pictures of the stage from other plays: