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I mentioned before some of my favorite character designs in the world of comics and have been meaning to tackle this subject again. I came to realize, however, that “character design” is itself a fairly massive subject, and that it would be best to break the topic…

Fuck Yeah Character Development!: Writing Character Bios


Anonymous asked: Hi there! I was wondering if you guys could help me with something. I’ve been having a bit of trouble writing character biographies for a story I’m writing. Do you have any tips on how to make them longer? My writing always seems to end up shorter than most. I…

Fuck Yeah Character Development!: Introducing Your Character(s): DON'T


A story without characters isn’t a story. There has to be at least one character, be it a person, animal, plant, alien, or mountain.

With that said, however, your characters can’t just randomly poof into the story (… unless they really do poof), or be treated as if…

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Fuck Yeah Character Development!: Likable Villains


We’ve gotten quite a few Asks regarding making a villain or antagonist a likable, sympathetic, or relatable character. So we’re making you a master post. Enjoy.

Sympathetic Characters:

What makes readers feel sympathetic towards a character?
The best, most genuine way to write a character…

Fuck Yeah Character Development!: 15 Day Story Writing Challenge


1. Develop Main Characters

2. Pick a Character to be the main character/narrator, elaborate as to why.

3. Plot specific scenes with detailed descriptions.

4. Develop Minor Characters

5. Pick 3 Characters (Major or Minor) and write a poem from their point…


My process of drawing faces is… well it’s not very consistent, so I made a few gifs to show how I build them.

  • The first gif shows the basics, starting with a few quick guidelines to define the shape of the head. I always draw it very loosely, because it’s only there as a guide and it will be erased. I often use the lasso tool if I notice I have drawn something in a wrong place but don’t want to erase everything.
  • In the second gif I use the same steps, but made a different expression. I also took a fewer screenshots because you can see most of them in the first one.
  • Again the same steps, but with a different character and expression. Notice the different shape of the head guidelines.

I just think of the character’s actions/thoughts and what expression best works for them. Of course sometimes I make a much more efficient work on the face and expression, but it still has the same idea. There isn’t much more to it than that.

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102 resources for Fiction Writing


For those of us who have trouble getting something written…
I found this page and it’s really helpful! :D

And it’s pretty specific, too!

… You’re welcome;)

Problems with Characters, Pt. 1


Character development is a more than just a skill. It is an art to create a human being out of thin air and give him a voice, a mind, and a life that is separate from your own. There are a few simple rules to follow, but there are otherwise no limitations to what you can do or who you can create.

The first rule is to know your character inside and out. The easiest way to do this is to write a complete backstory for your protagonist, antagonist, and the important supporting characters. You need to know how your characters will behave and why they behave that way.

Here are some tips on how to get to know your characters better:

  • Write down some questions that would be asked in a job interview and answer them in the “voice” of your character.
  • Write diary entries from the perspective of your character. Include entries about family, work, relationships, and hobbies.
  • Answer the following questions about your character. Keep in mind that these are just preliminary questions to help you get an idea of how your character would behave.

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the art post: memes that are more useful than actual class


here is a list of deviantart memes that are more helpful than our character design teacher could ever hope to be. i wouldn’t say you have to do all of them, or even every thing in each one (switch stuff up a bit if it inspires you to draw a different pose), but they’re all…


Tutorials done by:

ALSO: For those of you interested in brushes, there are some great sets at this link, all you should ever need.


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Perpa Derpa: Character Development / Writing Resources


Blatantly stolen from here, giving proper credit where credit is due, and I’m posting this with permission :> If you have blogspot and use this list, drop a thank you to the original writer! If you have a Nabyn, you can thank her here too. Oh hey she has a tumblr! /promotes






always some good drawing advice

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People have asked me why I am able to create such dynamic poses. Now I can finally give them an answer. Thank you, Tom & Jerry.

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